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Adken global is on a mission of building a community of successful people, focusing on both health & financial freedom. Headquarterd in mohali punjab, adken global has come up with all the solutions to the existing problems that a distributor faces in the industry with our innovative & unbeatablequality products in the wellness sector & a condition free compensation plan with full transperancy. Free We believe in strong sense of allegiance & loyalty. We make products for people not people for products. Therefore adken global is always focused to turn dreams into reality.


Nature for a Healthy Lifestyle
Adken Nutrition

A healthy outside starts from the inside Adken Global's all natural products are backed up with proven science and technology with proper R&D on every single product that we make.

Personal Care

Fall in love with taking care of yourself with Adken Global's innovative & best quality products. These are not just products but something more.

Herbal Remedies in Dalmia Healthcare
Herbal Medicines in Dalmia Healthcare

When everything else may fail Adken Global's Ayurveda can help you maintain a lifestyle that you have dreamed off. As the oldest form of healing and living a balanced life Ayurveda is a gift from our ancestors.

Organic Agriculture (giving back to the mother nature)

The organic story is larger than just the healthy, benefits of clean, nutritious food. With wrong farming methods, we turn fertile land into dessert. Unless we go back to organic farming and save the soil, there is no future. Therefore Adken Global is committed. to give the best products to save the soil and increase the yields as well.

Live a Natural and Healthy life with ayurvedic herbal products


Adken Global welcomes you to the new world of wellness where every individual has got power to contribute something to society & the world by promoting eco-friendly highly technological advanced wellness Products of daily use.





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