Adken Duro Shake

Adken Duro Shake (Mango Flavour)


Adken DURO Shake is a healthy and nutritional protein rich & tasty mango flavour shake. It contains all the essential nutritional values which fulfill the nutritional need of the body. Its a healthy meal replacement shake which provides 10 grms. protein per serving.


  •   Soy Protein Isolate
  •   Whey Protein Concentrate
  •   Sugar
  •   Fructose Powder
  •   Glycine Max
  •   Lecithin Powder
  •   Oat Fiber
  •   Inulin
  •   Bulking Agent
  •   Calcium Caseinate
  •   Potassium Chloride
  •   Turmeric Rhizone Extract Powder
  •   Diluent
  •   Vitamins & MInirals
  •   Psyllium Husk Powder
  •   Zingibar Officinale Root Powder
  •   Lose Weight
  •   Gain Weight
  •   Maintain Weight
  •   A Healthy Meal Replacement
  •   High in Nutrients - Low in Calories (94 calories per serving)
How to Use:-

Dosage vary person to person as per requirement

For Weight Lose :-

3 scoops in 300 ml with skimmed milk or water
Repalce 2 meals with DURO shake (Breakfast - Dinner)

For Weight Gain :-

3 scoops in 300 ml with Full Cream Milk
Take DURO Shake after every meal (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)

For Weight Maintain :-

3 scoops in 300 ml skimmed milk
Replace 1 meal with DURO Shake - Breakfast only
Suggestion:- Drink Plenty of water during the day