Answer: ADKEN GLOBAL™ was launched on 23rd March 2018 at Mohali Punjab.
Answer: Adken Global operates nation wide (INDIA).
Answer: ADKEN GLOBAL™ is a private limited company, having two directors Mr. Karanvir Singh & Mr. Gurmeet Gill.
Answer: For information on joining the ADKEN GLOBAL™ Family, visit the adkenglobal.in page, which can be found under the ‘Opportunity’ tab.
Answer: There are two ways to purchase ADKEN GLOBAL™ products:
  • Through adkenglobal.in, where you can purchase ADKEN GLOBAL™ products with no monthly commitment or signing up
  • As an independent Distribution Partner, where you can take advantage of the ADKEN GLOBAL™ income opportunity as well.
  • Answer: Chlorophyll is an excellent dietary supplement possesses an amazing range of benefits.
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  • Answer: No ADKEN GLOBAL does not give you the authority to sell anything on e- commerce sites. If found selling on other platforms, immidiate action will be taken and the ID will be terminated.
    Answer: If you would like to change or verify your personal information you can login to your ID and opt for online support where you can request the company to do the needful changes.
    Answer: Consumers don't need an FSSAI certificate, but someone who is selling the product do require an FSSAI certificate.
    Answer: Anybody can become an independent distributor of Adken Global expect those under 18 years of age.