Why Adken

If you have that burning desire or just want to earn some extra income, we invite you on a wonderful journey with adken global mkt. Pvt. Ltd.

  •   Opportunity
  •   Support system

We are currently operating in all states of india. We provide a nationwidemultilingual support team, regional leadership & strong country managementthat is responsiveto our distributor needs.

Genuine transparent & innovative compensation plan :-

Our compensation plan offers several ways to get paid through our dual team compensation plan, including product commission as well as interim promotions. It is effective easily acheivable & has set an industry standard.

Problem solving premium products :-

We have world class premium products. Our quality controls are very strict & manufacturing practices are certified.

World class education system :-

  •   Bop’s (business opportunity presentations)
  •   Ndlp (new distributorlearning program) (basic training)
  •   Products training
  •   Full day training sessions)
  •   Ldp (leadership development program)
  •   Online webinars ( to support every single distributor at long distances)